Designed for Efficient Yield Enhancement

  • A low turnover, ‘buy and maintain' approach to credit investing

  • Well diversified (not market capitalisation weighted)

  • Low volatility (relative to the standard corporate bond universe)

  • Focus on maximising yield through ‘smart selecting' the best issuers and issues

  • Low cost (a relentless focus on minimising fees/transaction costs, thus maximising returns for investors).

Why invest in AXA IM's Buy & Maintain Credit strategy?

   20 years' experience
as a successful ‘buy and maintain' investor in the fixed income space

   Size and scale
: 130 investment professionals and £360 billion in fixed income assets under management, affords us excellent access to the markets on behalf of our clients

   Substantial global credit research resources
: 39 dedicated Fundamental Credit Analysts and a global team of eight specialised portfolio engineers based in every major region (Europe, UK, the Americas and Asia)

   World class dealing capabilities
: a centralised dealing desk, with traders specialised by market, instrument and region, adds vital value by minimising transaction cost ‘leakage'

   Risk monitoring
integrated throughout the investment process: a dedicated Portfolio Engineering Group (PEG) focuses solely on understanding and monitoring portfolio risks.

Risks associated with this strategy

  • Market risk and risk of loss of invested capital
  • Risks associated with fixed income securities, including, but not limited to, interest rate risk, credit risk and liquidity risks
  • Risks linked to global investments
Staff data as at 30 September 2016
Assets under management as at 30 June 2016