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AXA IM Glide Path: Efficient and flexible design towards retirement

The shift from DB to DC plans is a major trend in global pension markets. Target-date strategies, the default investment solution for most DC plans, will be subject to heavier saver protection regula ...


Macrocast Podcast #14 - Job protection and demand management

Iggo's insight

Now it gets tough

The second quarter was disastrous for society and the global economy. The danger on both fronts is passing only slowly.

Fixed income

Everything about duration: Convexity

How a bond’s price responds to changes in interest rates is measured by its duration but its limitation is that it incorrectly assumes a linear relationship between bond prices and yields.

Research & Investment Strategy

Covid-19 Update – Judging international stimulus policy reactions to the Covid 19 shock

Fixed income

B&M Strategy Update. How credit trading dynamics adapted to the COVID-19 crisis

The UK has moved past the peak in new daily COVID-19 cases and in the death rate, which has allowed some easing of restrictions, but the UK is not typical in Europe and has seen a relatively protract ...

Research & Investment Strategy

June investment strategy - The virus has not gone away

A genuine gap is emerging between the US and Europe on the pandemic front

Fixed income

Everything about duration: Interest rate risk

Two of the key risks in fixed income investing are credit risk and interest rate risk. Changing interest rates are very important to bond investors as there is a close but inverse relationship betwee ...


Macrocast Podcast #13 - Credit Guarantee Feedback Loop