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Fixed income

COVID-19 has shaken up high yield and put opportunities on the table

The asset class is always prepared for a crisis, but the uneven impact of the virus means fundamental credit analysis is more important than ever .

Fixed income

Global Strategic Bonds strategy - Strong month across the board for fixed income

Core government bond yields lowered over the month, breaking recent tight range

Fixed income

Why might China’s property dollar bonds remain a resilient yield generator?

Fixed income

Fixed Income in COVID-19: Adapting to protracted low interest rates

Responsible investment

Social climbing: ESG investors get their heads around social risks

Thanks to COVID-19, ESG factors - and the social element in particular - are in the limelight

Iggo's insight

A view from the markets – True Faith

Forward markets don’t see US 2-year Treasury yields above 1% again for at least five years. The technology sector has just delivered blow-out earnings numbers for Q2.

Responsible investment
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H1 2020 active ownership and stewardship report

Responsible investment in 2020 was meant to be all about starting the Transition Decade to a low-carbon future.

Responsible investment

How to blend factors to invest sustainably

How do you like your coffee? Whatever you prefer, all coffees contain a small number of key ingredients. Factor investing may sound complex, but in essence, it’s nothing new. For decades, investors h ...

Responsible investment

2020 Proxy Voting Season Review: Beyond ‘business as usual’

The global COVID-19 pandemic brought disruption to voting season across Europe, North America and Japan. Companies struggled to host in-person meetings, but many quickly moved to hold virtual AGMs, a ...