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Iggo's insight

24 January 2020

Be Responsible

The logic of responsible investing comes from its appeal “of doing the right thing”. If responsible investing reduces risks and contributes to better outcomes, then it is beneficial to individuals an ...

Research & Investment Strategy

22 January 2020

January Investment Strategy - Reining in animal spirits

The world economy is breathing better but is not ready for a sprint.

Fixed income

20 January 2020

How to de-risk your fixed income allocation whilst aiming to maintain an attractive yield ?

Nicolas Trindade, Senior Fixed Income Portfolio Manager, explains why a global short duration strategy appears so appealing right now given geopolitical risks amid global slowdown.

Iggo's insight

17 January 2020

Cautiously Optimistic

It’s been a very solid start to the year. The “risk” dial has been turned down and investors seem happy to be in the momentum trade. The Q4 earnings season is underway and the optimists will point to ...

Research & Investment Strategy

16 January 2020

Bank of England signals January rate cut

• Five members of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee have expressed dovish caution recently, suggesting a near-term easing would be appropriate if economic conditions weaken.

Investor thinking

15 January 2020

Regulatory Capital Transactions

The RegCap transactions market has transformed into a full-fledged alternative investment opportunity that is being strategically utilised by issuers and investors alike.

Research & Investment Strategy

15 January 2020

US-China: A silver lining in a strained relationship

A sudden rise in tensions has cast a dark shadow over Sino-US relations. While the trade war has been the most eye-catching instance, increased “decoupling” has also occurred in areas of technology, ...

Iggo's insight

10 January 2020

Growth better, returns maybe not

Lower global interest rates and renewed central bank balance sheet growth helped deliver great returns across bonds and equities in 2019.

Fixed income

06 January 2020

A look at fixed income in 2019 and what the future could hold

Nick Hayes, Portfolio Manager, discusses the outlook for fixed income as well as the asset classes that fall within it.