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Responsible investing (RI) has evolved into a powerful way to make effective investment decisions. It can deliver sustainable, long term value for clients and create a positive impact on society using insights gleaned from environmental, social and governance (ESG) data. Investors increasingly want to understand how a company is creating value, demanding details of how an organisation’s activities are impacting the wider world.

In the past, investors were concerned about aspects of a company or sector with the focus almost exclusively on public equity-oriented strategies, generally described as negative screening or ethical funds. This also created the perception that financial returns were limited. However, RI strategies have now grown both in number and sophistication. Through integrated and innovative fund management techniques, RI is opening up a new world of opportunities. These will continue to improve as tools and measurement criteria evolve further, helping asset managers to more effectively mitigate risk and therefore potentially enhance financial returns.

At AXA Investment Managers we have created a series of insights to help investors better understand the opportunities presented by RI. We have segmented our approach into two sections: prosperity for people and prosperity for the planet.

Find out why we believe RI provides a compelling investment opportunity and the different approaches available for investors.

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These articles examine the impact that investing in areas such as health, governance, human capital and diversity can have on creating positive societal change.

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These articles examine the impact that investing in areas such as responsible nutrition, biodiversity preservation and renewable energy can have on creating positive environmental change