Why Sustainable Equity

Our Sustainable Equity strategy seeks to generate sustainable long-term returns for clients, while mitigating equity market risk:

  • Designed to avoid exposure to poorly compensated equity risk
  • Diversifies intelligently - not market capitalisation weighted
  • Low volatility - relative to the standard global equity universe
  • Forward looking, outcome-focused approach
  • Relatively low cost - relentless focus on minimising fees/transaction costs
  • Transparent – a sophisticated yet straightforward solution that facilitates performance and risk understanding.

Why invest in AXA IM's Sustainable Equity strategy?

Through our advanced factor investing, we offer investors a potentially better way to invest in equities than traditional passive or low volatility approaches:

   Harnesses Rosenberg Equities' detailed fundamental analysis and proprietary factor insights

   10+ years' experience managing outcome-oriented, global portfolios that target desirable fundamental features*

   An effective blend of factor exposures, Low Volatility and Quality, to help deliver robust performance over full economic cycles

   Fully integrated ESG to help deliver sustainable long-term value.

*Source: AXA IM, since end 2004

Potential risks associated with this strategy

  • Market risk and risk of loss of invested capital
  • Equity risks
  • Risks linked to global investments
  • Risk linked to Systematic Method and Model